Best Data Recovery With Internal And External Hard Drive 

Douglas Moreno 

Since we use computers massively, they have all happened to break your internal or external hard drive. Beyond the economic constraint, it is generally the loss of our data that bothers us. Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery will allow you to recover entire data from broken internal or external hard drive . This software also works for USB sticks.

You accidentally broke your hard drive and you want to recover the data that was on it? Worse, you have deleted or even formatted your hard drive by performing a bad manipulation? Don’t panic Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery will help you easily recover data from your hard drive with just a few clicks.

Indeed, with Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery , you will be able to recover almost all the data from your hard disk: video, photo, music, e-mail, video games, Microsoft Office documents or other formats… data from a broken or formatted hard drive becomes accessible to the most novice.

Another advantage of Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery , data recovery also works on the following devices: computer, USB key, external or internal hard drive, mobile phone… Especially since the software is able to recover data from more than 550 formats: jpg, gif, doc, PDF, ppt, rar, zip, avi…

Note that this software will allow you to recover deleted files from the Microsoft Office suite: Excel, Word, Power-point, Access, Outlook..

Data Recovery

Lost file recovery mode : With this mode, find in just a few clicks the files you have deleted, formatted. To do this, you simply need to enter the name of the original file and its path.

Partition Recovery : This mode recovers disk partitions that are corrupted or lost. The advantage of this mode is that it gives you back all the Twitter data intact!

Raw Recovery : In this mode, perform a deep scan of your hard drive in just a few clicks and restore data to it. This mode also works on corrupted file system.

Don’t mourn your lost or deleted data anymore, Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery will help you in their recovery. Whether it’s Power-point presentations for your presentation or your end-of-study dissertation, you can recover all of your documents accidentally deleted from your hard drive.

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Douglas Moreno