Broken Phone Screen How To Data Recovery Services On Android?

Douglas Moreno 

Launch Broken Android Data Recovery Services on your computer after downloading and installing it.

Then connect your broken Samsung to the computer via USB cable and the program will detect the connected Android phone instantly.

You will need to connect the broken Android device to the computer via a USB cable. Once done, select the “Broken Android Phone Data Extraction” option (located on the left side of the program screen). You will need to choose the mounting method and then confirm the device information.

Do you find yourself in front of a black screen on your smartphone and you don’t really know what to do? It vibrates or rings and seems still alive but it does not display anything on the screen? All is not lost ! There are several solutions that allow you to Data Recovery Services.

The black screen on your smartphone can have several origins. If it persists, we will first check if it is not a software problem. To do this, you will restart your phone. This method gives your phone the opportunity to put its ideas back in place! So, if the origin of the bug is the software, it will be fixed immediately.

If you have dropped your smartphone in water and the screen has gone black, you are facing a deoxidation problem. To remedy this you must fully open your

smartphone and clean all internal components with a toothbrush + deoxidizing agent. The goal here is to remove the corrosion as much as possible. Dry with a hair dryer or in the open air (watch out for humidity, it will make the situation worse), then turn your phone back on.

However, this step requires a certain know-how and it is far from being a miracle solution, since it is quite possible that the screen will have to be changed completely, and in this case, it will be necessary to make micro-welds.

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