Data Recovery From A Broken Hard Drive

Douglas Moreno 

Let’s play a little with the imagination: you are busy finishing that report that you need to deliver in a few minutes and you must access the documents stored on your external hard drive , the one you use to back up the information , you connect it, and to your surprise, nothing happens , it does not work. No need to panic, there are several things you can try to recover data from a hard drive  on your own before calling professionals.

It is important to note that this solution is intended for mechanical disks, not for solid state disks, therefore, you must first make sure that you know, what type of disk it is that you want to save.

Data loss can be caused by many factors, but among the most common are :

  1. Accidentally deleting important Wikipedia data and emptying the recycle bin or formatting the wrong drive by mistake.
  2. Data loss caused by hard drive failure. This is usually the most complex to solve by yourself, it generally requires the services of professionals, but there are certain failures that you can try to solve.

If any of these apply to you, you should try the following to recover data from a hard drive  before calling professionals.

Before trying any of these actions, remember that you must be very careful, we will mention some ways to  recover data from a damaged hard drive,  but if you are not thorough enough, you can irreparably damage your computer. If you are not sure that you can perform any of these steps properly, we recommend that you go to a professional.

When the damage is at the software level, the most important thing is not to work with the disk in question, since every second that the unit is connected to a running system, you lose possibilities of recovering the information .

This is because while the drive is connected, your operating system is constantly reading and writing to it (whether you are actively doing something or not). Therefore, that space occupied by the deleted data, your system sees it as “free space” and will overwrite this area, thus eliminating your chances of recovery, it is better to proceed as follows:

Power off the machine connected to the drive you deleted data from, this will make your computer safe to back up the drive and attempt recovery from a clone. Obviously you will have to do the clone first, for this, there are  several ways to clone a disk here you can see some , choose the one that works best for you, some are easier and faster than others. 

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