Data Recovery : The Specialists Of Our Company For Your Data

Douglas Moreno 

If you accidentally deleted files for one reason or another, do not despair, there is a way out. One of them, for example, call us and after 1-2 hours they can already be restored to you. Data Recovery of deleted files from 1 hour.

We recover deleted files not only from hard drives, but also from flash cards. If the files were deleted due to a virus infection, then their recovery may take a little longer. But even in this case, we guarantee the recovery of deleted files from the disk in full. Or almost complete…

Recover deleted files at home :

If necessary, a service engineer can carry out the restoration procedure at your company office or at your home. As a rule, the work takes no more than an hour to complete. Although it may take much longer to recover files from a flash drive in some cases.

Data Recovery

Recover deleted files yourself:

In the process of recovering data on your own, there is always a danger of irreparably damaging the information. And make a full recovery impossible. To avoid the risk of losing information that is very important to you, entrust data recovery to professionals.

Recovering files from a flash drive by professionals:

Our computer service provides the following services: computer repair, computer subscription service. Computer assistance , computer assembly and modernization, virus removal, data recovery, software installation, wi-fi setup and other services .

We are engaged in data recovery from almost any drives. Whether it is disk data recovery, data recovery from a flash drive, data recovery after formatting. 

It is possible to recover Twitter data from CDs, DVDs. Also, data recovery from FLASH cards, which is now quite in demand.

  • Our specialists deal with many types of deleted file recovery…
  • Restoring information costs from 1500 rubles, the exact cost after diagnosis!
  • Discounts, special offers are considered, with volumetric information recovery …

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