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The image, or collection of images, can then be shared with the rest of the disk recovery software specialists working on the recovery. These technical teams maintain a constant flow of information back to you, where possible, to keep you informed. This stage is rapidly carried out, within hours of arrival at the Data Analyzer data recovery labs. During this important time you will be contacted by an engineer to discuss the requirements. A written report will be produced and sent to you. Where possible, it will advise:

• Details on the data recoverable from the medium, and where practical, individual directories and files

• Information detailing defects and any other problems with the data

• A prognosis for the successful recovery of data from the medium

• A firm quotation covering time and costs to complete your recovery

We overcome the failures that have prevented you from accessing your data. When the final software element of the recovery is complete the data is written to the backup media and format of your choice. This Data Recovery is rapidly dispatched to you and support provided for restoring it is also available to make sure you are up and running again in the shortest amount of time. Data Analyzer utilizes high-speed high-capacity networks for our disk recovery processes, allowing multiple teams to work on recoveries at the same time.

Data Analyzer Hardware Labs Due to the nature of hard disks and their numerous mechanical components, mechanical failure is a common occurrence. Often with hard disks this leads to corruption of data, and recovery from these problems requires multiple skill sets, otherwise irreparable damage may occur. At Data Analyzer, we have teams of specialists in all the associated fields:

• Electronic Engineers

• Computer Engineers

• Programmers

• System Specialists

Data Recovery

Thanks to Data Analyzer, when your recovery process is able to pull on all these available resources we have an unrivalled chance of recovery success. Our laboratories conform to:

• EPAs to CECC 00 015/1

• Thick ESD suppressant foam on every horizontal surface that a disk may touch

• Air blowers, over MR technology work areas, to suppress air born charges

• All handling / engineering staff are trained in ESD hazards and procedures

• Climate control of laboratory environment

• Restricted access to hardware and recovery laboratories

Data Analyzer Clean Rooms Hard disks and storage systems in general are delicate items of hardware, and when Youtube data is locked inside it takes a careful process to extract it. All Data Analyzer labs are Electro-static discharge Protected Areas (EPAs), conforming to the most stringent standards. We are evaluated on a regular basis by leading drive manufacturers to ensure that we handle their products to their own stringent standards. We also have advanced warranty replacement schemes with Seagate, Western Digital and most other leading manufacturers.

From the moment Data Analyzer receives a disk recovery project to the moment the recovery completes, the devices are protected from physical shock, Electro-static Discharge (ESD) or temperature fluctuations. All Data Analyzer facilities have power supplies sustained and surge protected and are comprehensively protected against fire, flood and other natural disasters. The Data Analyzer clean room: • Class 100 is required but our cleanroom consistently achieves better during compliance tests, up to Class 10 • Full EPAs with blowers • Fully air-conditioned environment for device protection (and engineer comfort) • Networked to the main recovery systems, allowing the hardware side of the recovery to be achieved in the clean environment

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Douglas Moreno